Grow. Feed. Teach. Repeat.

The Zadie Project


Our Programs


Food Donation

Using the harvest from The Souper Farm and other local farmers, we make seasonal soups on a weekly basis at Souper Jenny Westside. Working with community partners like yours, we get quarts of healthy, delicious soup into the hands and bellies of those that need it most.


Educational ProgramS

We strive to empower communities through educational urban farming experiences and classes on sustainable eating. These can take place either at The Souper Farm or on-site at local schools or community centers.


How it Works.

Soups are prepared and packaged every Wednesday at Souper Jenny Westside. Participating organizations come by the store at a pre-determined time to pick up their allotment of soup to distribute to its members or clients! The soup selection is rotated weekly based on the season and produce availability. Accommodations can always be made for allergy or dietary restrictions.

In March 2018, we launched our Education Program. We believe that through education, we can become a healthier, more sustainable community. We currently offer nutrition classes at the Boys and Girls Club, and a hands-on experience at The Souper Farm. We would love to expand our program to the members of YOUR organization! 

Let us know how what is best for you and how we can work together.